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We Are Solustrid

Since 1975,
Engineering Design
and Consultancy

Connecting all the industries and making a bridge among all in this revolutionary era of industrialization and development with our years of experience
Innovation, Service, Certification, Production, Development are the most exclusive words nowadays and combining all of them with the years of experience of serving and building, we Solustrid stands. Our one and only goal is to support the world economy by providing the best of services to you because we believe “The World Is You”.
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Experts Engineers Support

Experience gives the best solutions
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Experts Engineers Support

We have experienced specialists on every branch of our work so that we stay in the line.
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Well Maintained Services

Maintenance brings Reputation
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Well Maintained Services

We are exclusively reputed for our maintenance of everything specifically Schedule.
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Nostrud sed ullamco laboris

Safety of our customers comes First of all
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Nostrud sed ullamco laboris

“Success will always be with you, as long as you place safety as the first priority” and we firmly believe in it.
We are Solustrid

Industrial News

Mining & Drilling

We mine the best of the natural resources for our customers so that the products made from that is the best.
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Power Generation

Generating power is considered as creating the life force for a industry and That is what we do the best. That is our expertise.
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Automation Industry

Automation is the topmost technology in today’s world and we are the topper at it with the best automated system
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Manufacturing Plants

We have the best manufacturing plants that manufactures the best of the products for our customers which lasts more than any products from any other manufacturer.
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Chemical Research

Solustrid offers you the best integrated polymer processing, testin, and development services and to do that we have stand by experienced scientists and engineers.
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Oil & Gas Engineering

This is the era of Oil and Gas revolution and we are the one who has kept pace with it over the time by providing timely important exploration, production, invention, training and logistic support.
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We are Solustrid

About Industry

Industry is what is sitting on the driving sit of the current world economy. We “Solustrid” are here to support that economy through that driver and we proudly want to say that we have succeeded with so many ups and downs for the past 25 years with the family we built with the love of our customers. And we hope to continue doing that for years to come and make our family bigger than ever.

  • Leading industrial solutions with best machinery
  • Years of experience and Learning
  • Experienced specialist researchers
  • Reputed for maintaining Schedule
  • Committed for the safety of the customers
Daniel Ricardo
We are Solustrid

History of Innovative Engineering

JAN 2019

Searching for Minerals Fields

Minerals are the most important for any engineering that are found fro natural resources.
SEP 2019

Partenered with Weiral Group of Companies

The time we were able to deliver all our specific products and materials as we promised.
AUG 2019

Delivering Specific Products & Materials

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We produce positive results from ever-growing Industrial & manufacturing estates.

Latest Equipemnts Used
Factories Production
Management & Services
We provide accurate responses to client’s requirements

“Client is the most priority.” We work believing this quote and that is why we claim to provide the most accurate responses to our clients.

We’re world’s leading engineering business since year 1995

We started like a baby learning to walk and with all of your love and our precious team members we are the leading engineering business since year 1995.

We always have determination to find efficient solutions

We always try our best to give our customers the best solution for their problems and we have the best researchers for that.

Power Generation

Generating power is considered as creating the life force for a industry and That is what we do the best. And the best news is we just upgraded our power generation system to whole new level in one of our recent projects.

Chemical Factory Unit

To expand our wings in another sector of industrialization we have just landed our new peoject on Chemical Factoring where we have recruited the best of the researchers to provide the best of the solutions to the hardest of the problems of chemical industry of the world.

We are Solustrid

For Industries

News and insights about Solustrid work in the opinion of popular newspaper and infamous clients whom we pleased with our work and determination.

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We always bring good quality services with 100% safety measuresF