Subsoiler SPP 2000


Additional information

Required Oil Flow of the Tractor

50 to 60 l/min. – Continuous Flow

Gauge of Work

The width of work of each rod is 730 mm, making the total width of 2.200 mm.

Standard Wheel Kit

2 wheels of depth with high-flotation tires 400/60-15.5, actuated by hydraulic cylinder.

List of Optionals

Direct coupling in the 3rd point of the tractor, with demoted kit to hitch of the bars.

Valve Adjustment - Pressure of Relief

180 BAR


With spraying system at depth. Gauge of the wheelset of 1,900 mm. With 03 rods made of 1045 steel plate with a thickness of 1.1 / 2 " prepared to reach a depth of 600 mm, depending on soil conditions. Rods with smaller angle to relieve the traction strain to make a movement that does not lift the land excessively. The rods are positioned in V, with two behind and one in front. Rods with 08 spray nozzles (for each rod) with anti-drip system on the main line. Tips of the rods with 720 mm wide made of steel coated with hard metal. These tips allow quick replacement and not endanger the spray channels. With access ladder, platform and body guard for access to the tank. Spray pump, model JP-75 with command of 02-way that allows the adjustment of dosage and actuation of the stirrer in the tank with actuation by hydraulic motor. With supply system of the tank by quick coupler. Header trawling with system of height adjustment.

Required Power of the Tractor

Between 220 hp to 240 hp (depending on the depth of work)

Approximate Weight (Without Optionals)

2.500 Kg


2.700 mm

Insecticide Tank Capacity

800 l


2.230 mm

Subsoiler SPP 2000

Subsoiler With System of Spraying in Depth for Fighting of Migdolus.


5.300 mm


Subsoiler SPP 2000