Spander 25.0 CHC – C – Version for Filter Cake

Additional information

Optionals - Sold Separately

Kit distributor of filter cake for 3 lines of 1.40 m or 1.50 m only in the ratoon. Kit distributor of filter cake for 5 lines of 1.40 m or 1.50 m only in the ratoon. Kit limestone for distribution of limestone, plaster, phosphate, fertilizer and other in total area. Kit anti drift for uniform distribution of limestone on days with wind. Application range of 10m. Grille for granulated fertilizer. System for precision agriculture (under request). Weighing System embedded (under request).


Fully hydraulic actuation. With hydraulic propellers for distribution of filter cake in total area. Prepared for installation of precision agriculture. Arch to canvas. Kit curtain of chains in the door of flow.

Approximate Weight (Without Optionals)

3.400 Kg

Width of the Conveyor (Transverse)

800 mm

Valve Adjustment - Pressure of Relief

180 BAR


2.600 mm

Total Load Capacity

Up to the limit admissible by the manufacturer of the truck or at most 16.000 Kg

Height (Installed in the truck)

3.080 mm (may vary depending on the type of truck tires).

Spander 25.0 CHC-C

Distributor (To Install In Truck) of Filter Cake, Limestone, Plaster, Phosphate and Other.


Spander 25.0 CHC-C – Version To Filter Cake and Limestone.

Volumetric Capacity

16 m3