Plant Flex 8080


Additional information


1 tank of 640 l, with Pump JP – 401 actuated by hydraulic motor.

Distribution of Fertilizer

By endless screw or rotating plate (at the discretion of the client).


Equipped with air conditioner


Rocker tandem type equipped with 4 high-flotation tires 600/50 – 22.5. depth wheel with 2 tires 400/600-15.5.

Optionals - Sold Separately

Cabin with air conditioning. Kit sectionalizer valve for individual adjustment of the fertilizer with electric drive. Kit sectionalizer valve for individual adjustment of the insecticide with electric drive. Kit sectionalizer valve for individual adjustment of the setts with electric drive. Roll breaking loin central harrow. Furrower rods with automatic disarm. Extra tank of 640 liters for insecticide (activation with the same pump of the standard tank that accompanies the machine, so, you cannot use different products in the tanks). Kit cutting disc for furrower rods.

Hydraulic System Required

Flow of 110L/min. with adjustable continuous flow outputs and calibrated and 1 output to the cylinder header (3 levers).


Prepared for various spacing adjustments to planting of 2 lines. Gauge with adjustment to 2.40m (combined spacing of 0.90 m by 1.50 m), 2.50 m (combined spacing of 1.00 m by 1.50 m or 0.90 m by 1.60 m), 2.80 m (spacing conventional of 1.40 m by 1.40 m ) or 3.00 m (conventional spacing of 1.50 m by 1.50 m).


2 main conveyors and auxiliaries conveyors


3.60 m (in operation) / 3.20 m (transport)


10 m


Plant Flex 8080


4.40 m (cabin)/ 3.70 m (reservoir of seedlings / setts).


Reservoir with approximate capacity of 1.250 kg, made of stainless sheet.

Reservoir of Cane (Setts)

With a capacity of 24 m3 and allows the supplying by the sides and the rear.

Cane Planter

Chopped Cane Planter For Conventional and Combined Planting.

Power Required

Between 180 and 240 hp