Kit Nimble


Additional information

Volumetric Capacity

1.5 m3

Kit Nimble

Supply System.


Kit Nimble

Provider Box of Granulated Fertilizer
Total Load Capacity

1.500 Kg

Fertilizer Reservoir

Box of stainless sheet


Actuation of transfers of fertilizer and liquid is performed by an electrical panel installed on the tractor. The flow rate for the supply of fertilizer is on average 300 to 350 kg / min. The flow rate for the supply of liquid is on average 200 l / min. The tractor has to be made available to the Sollus factory to install the equipment.

Discharge Pipe

Rear of PVC (not foldable) 8" diameter with actuation by hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder in the door of flow. The tractor must have hydraulic flow between 40 to 50 l / min.

Liquids Supply System
Tanks for Products

1 tank of 640 l polyethylene, with centrifugal pump for transfer and agitation of the liquid.