Cultivator Strip-Till 2 Lines


Additional information

Straw Strip-Till

02 furrower sets containing 02 starry discs of 32 " each, with the central articulation on the tandem type, with adjustable opening in the chassis and adjustment of work angle in the rocker and articulation of the support arms of the discs.

Required Power of the Tractor

180 hp


With compactor roll, decompressor rod and Control of Depth.

Straw Chopper

Cutting disc clipped and sharpened (or slick, depending on the customer's choice) of 28", with supporter, adjustable rings, with two sleeve bearings plated with oil and with adjustable spacing.

System for Application of Fertilizer

Double disc of 17" conjugated with the disk straw chopper.

Distribution of Fertilizer

Through rotating plate or endless thread (is at the discretion of the client).


2 lines with 900 mm combined with 1.500 mm

Machine to fertilize

2 boxes of polyethylene with a capacity of 350 kg each (cap for gasket).

Cultivator Strip-Till 2 Lines

Cultivator Strip-Till 2 Lines for Cultivation of Crude Cane


Cultivator Strip-Till Sollus CA 2 lines