Bazuka Premium 20.0

Additional information

Piston for door of flow


Width with tires

3.640 mm

Options and Information on the Pipes of Discharges

1st option – Model: Transport 350 IHU with remote control Multipurpose pipe for discharge of grains and fertilizer of PVC with a diameter of 350 mm, foldable with piston, with telescopic pipe for supply of fertilizer and nozzle to grain discharge. Actuation through independent hydraulic unit connected to PTO on the tractor and with the remote control to turn on and off the discharge.

Total Length

7.510 mm

Height with tires

3.250 mm

Height of the Discharge

4.100 mm

Approximate Weight with tires

4.675 Kg


18.4.30 e 23.1.30 – optional item


Bazuka Premium 20.0

Approximate Weight without tires

3.753 Kg

Bazuka Premium 20.0

Multipurpose Agricultural Cart.

Load Capacity

20 m³/20.000 Kg (Fertilizer)

Standard Wheel Kit

2 wheels 15 x 30 and 2 wheels 20 x 30