Bazuka Premium 15.0

Additional information

Piston for door of flow


Width with tires

3.380 mm


18.4.30 – optional item

Total Length

7.100 mm

Height with tires

3.000 mm

Height of the Discharge

4.100 mm

Approximate Weight with tires

4.052 Kg

Pipes of Discharges Options

1st option Model: Transport 350 UHI with remote control
2nd option – Model: Transport 350 hydraulic with remote control
3rd option – Model: Transport 350 Cardan
4th option – Model: Grain unloading (Pipe 350 mm Pipe 500 mm)
5th option – Model: Transport 350 Cardan with remote control (electromagnetic clutch)

Approximate Weight without tires

3.640 Kg


Bazuka Premium 15.0

Bazuka Premium 15.0

Multipurpose Agricultural Cart.

Load Capacity

15 m³/15.000 Kg (Fertilizer)

Standard Wheel Kit

4 wheels 16 x 30