Bazuka Mix


Additional information

Liquids Supply System
Stainless Tanks for Liquid Defensives

2 independent stainless tanks, with capacity of 80l each, for transfer of liquid defensives, for the preparation of syrup.

Tank To Clean Water

1 polyethylene tank with a capacity of 640 l with gravity unloading.


To further increase the efficiency and performance of this equipment, we recommend the truck that will be provided for the installation thereof, should come with a crane (compatible) so it can self-supply of fertilizer. Machine provided with rear bumper to the truck. The bumper is articulated by hydraulic cylinder. To transit in public roads it must be in normal position on the truck and when the machine enters in work operation, the bumper has to be lifted, so that the tube can touch in the planter.

Tanks for Products

2 independent polyethylene tanks with a capacity of 2,400 l each, with 2 agitation pumps and transfer of products (one for each tank).

Information of The Specifications of Truck For Installation

Indicated for truck version 6×4, which must be supplied with power outlet for direct coupling of the hydraulic pump (with shaft 13 splines and flange SAE-B) and output rotation for pump of 2,000 RPM. The truck must be sent with electrical circuit of 24 Volts, if the truck is 12 Volts, you must inform in order completion. For information on the necessary measures of the truck frame, you should consult Sollus.

Outflow Discharge

Approximately 400 to 700 kg/minute.

Discharge Pipe

Rear mounted, made of steel structure with PVC pipe (not foldable) of 8" diameter with actuation by hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder in the door of flow. With hose 6" to direct the fertilizer on loading.

Volumetric Capacity

7 m3

Provider Box of Granulated Fertilizer
Total Load Capacity

7.000 Kg

Bazuka Mix 12.0

Provider Unit of Granulated Fertilizer and Liquid Defensives (Ready Syrup) for Cane Planter, Cultivators, Furrowers, Used in Front Planting of Cane.

Fertilizer Reservoir

Box in steel plate COR 420, with anti-corrosive treatment with base PU paint anti corrosive.


Bazuka Mix 12.0